Crypto payments for
delivery in the digital era.

GERA Coin is a crypto payment platform
suited for the new normal.

Services for the
modern user

Easy Deliveries

Making P2P delivery payments should be easy-peasy. For that, our team will do the hard stuff for you.

Live Tracking

With the GERA App, you can verify your delivery address information and track the status of your shipment.

Open Transactions

Nobody likes to be kept in the dark. As such, all GERA Coin transactions are available through the blockchain.

Secure Storage

Modern threats call for modern cybersecurity measures. Rest assured your assets are safe with our GERA App.

Instant Transfers

GERA Coin will combine modern fintech innovations to enable fast money transfers, just the way you like it.

About Gera Coin

We are a crypto payments platform designed by a new breed of techno junkies for the modern society. Online delivery payments are so easy with our GERA App.

  • We empower delivery platforms with cryptocurrency
  • Pay for food, grocery, gifts, parcels, documents, etc.

GERA Coin Mission

Our team is on a mission to provide efficient peer-to-peer (P2P) payment alternatives to other crypto money transfer platforms that are already too congested.

  • Buy and sell products at the comfort of your home
  • Get your groceries delivered to your doorstep

GERA Coin Vision

Recent events have shown us what we've been missing: the new digital era has come. GERA Coin will champion delivery payments and P2P money transfers for all.

  • Users will enjoy fast and secure money transfers
  • Safe crypto transactions will be a community effort
Get more with GERA
Our world is changing in different ways. We believe our delivery payments and money transfers should too.
  • GERA Coin uses modern fintech solutions for delivery payments and P2P transfers.
  • Customers, merchants, and delivery platforms now have a shared marketplace.
  • Users can track delivery status for food, gifts & flowers, groceries, parcels, and more.

Features you can get from GERA App

Crypto, blockchain, and everything else thrown in between.

GERA Coin has so much in store for our users! Make hassle-free crypto transfers and enjoy all of these exclusive security features on your GERA App.

Easy Payment Method

GERA Coin will be the payment method for delivery-based services through the use of cryptocurrencies.

Effective Transfer Validation

GERA verifies account information before validating payment through blockchain and smart contracts.

Decentralized Blockchain

GERA is developing a decentralized app that can be accessed by services or individuals interested in paying in crypto.

Going digital is now the new social.

Why go out when you can shop online? Let our partner shops and delivery platforms handle your order. Just sit back and pay for your deliveries with ease.


Get to know the technology behind our payment solutions in our official whitepaper.


Launch GERA Coin website and social media; Publish GERA Coin whitepaper

Introduce GERA Coin
2020 Q4

Mint GERA Coin as ERC20 token; Initialize GERA Coin exchange listing

Create GERA Coin
2021 Q1

Finalize GERA Coin Team; List GERA Coin on partner crypto exchanges

Expand GERA Team
2021 Q2

Start GERA App development; List GERA Coin to more crypto exchanges

Form GERA Partnerships
2021 Q3

Mobilize team for DApp development; Start creating GERA blockchain

Develop GERA App
2021 Q4

Start soft launching of GERA App; Move GERA Coin to GERA blockchain

Launch GERA App
2022 Q1

Our Team

Jameson Daniel

Jameson is the CEO of GERA Coin. As a former professional programmer for large-scale IT solutions, Jameson has many years of experience in blockchain. He has led various teams and held diverse business and IT leadership posts in the past.

Nawshad Akther

Nawshad is at the helm of the GERA blockchain and IT team. He is responsible for the progress of the internal development team. He is fascinated with crypto payment and has more than 5 years of experience in blockchain-focused companies.

Pakhridin Amrayev

Pakhridin is developing all the successful marketing strategies of GERA Coin. He leads the team that is behind the execution of all GERA content and digital marketing campaigns. Also, he has more than 6 years of digital marketing.

Wang Junkai
Lead Developer

Wang is a blockchain developer who has years of experience working with various companies. He is proficient in Solidity and C++. He helps GERA deal with all intricate features.

Ishkhan Sardaryan
Lead Developer

Ishkhan has more than 4 years of programming experience. He has developed a deep understanding of many blockchain platforms. Now he maintains GERA Coin's blockchain architecture.

Il'ham Yakubov

As a tech junkie heavily affected by the new normal, Il'ham has joined GERA Coin to help his fellowmen have better access to digital payments for same-day deliveries and products.

Lee Nelson

Nelson is an expert Blockchain Developer who worked for a variety of startups together with Mr. Wang. He knows how to code in Solidity, making him an expert in smart contracts.

Praveen Kumbar

Praveen is GERA Coin’s prodigy in terms of finding bugs among a haystack of codes. He works with his fellow developers for platform cybersecurity and smart contract execution.

Anara Askarova
UI/UX Designer

Everything that you see in the GERA Coin website, whitepaper, and platform is a product of the genius of Anara. She takes care of the platform interface’s user-friendliness.

Nasiba Umarova
Digital Marketer

Nasiba is one of the GERA Coin’s most colorful personalities. She takes care of our branding to make sure that we’ll get our platform to the right audience according to their taste.

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Press Releases

What is GERA Coin?

GERA Coin is a payment-for-delivery app that uses cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

GERA Coin uses blockchain technology to enable automatic conversion from fiat to cryptocurrency, allowing both crypto and non-crypto users to send payment for deliveries.

GERA Coin focuses on providing affordable, fast, and secure payment for deliveries. But with the GERA App, you can also send money to your peers, as well as pay for products of merchants who will integrate GERA Coin as one of their payment means.

GERA Coin will be available through crypto exchanges. The team has mined the 8.8 billion GERA through a single block. GERA Coin will also not have an ICO or an IEO.